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Danny Denial 
Fuck Danny Denial 

The first track on Fuck Danny Denial drops you off at “Mercer Summit Block Party/Brand New Skirt,” a place where the stars align and the singer realizes that “everyone I love on Earth is here”—basking in the momentary bliss of feeling like part of a community. That sentiment never lasts forever, of course, as the emerging Seattle artist’s third album also journeys through anxiety, isolation, imposter syndrome, and heartbreak, as seen through the lens of a queer Black Scorpio. “Totally Fucked Up” is a lonely bedroom jam featuring Black Tones’ Eva Walker, while, “I’m Not Your Type” (featuring DoNormaal) is Nine-Inch-Nails-style industrial rock over an anguished early Hole sample. Fuck Danny Denial is raw goth-pop at its best. (4/5)


By Bree McKenna


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