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Sun Racket
(Fire Records)

Throwing Muses has returned with its 10th studio album, Sun Racket. Kristin Hersh’s vocals and songwriting have always been intense, and nearly 35 years after Throwing Muses’ debut, she and her band aren’t toning things down. From the opener, “Dark Blue,” the band tears into it with its signature melodic, distorted guitar squall. “Bo Diddley Bridge,” “St. Charles,” and “Frosting” rock with the same determination. Hersh’s introspective side is amply displayed on “Bywater,” “Sue’s,” and “Milk At McDonald’s” where she declares, “I don’t regret a single drop of alcohol.” Sun Racket is a standout moment in this seminal band’s musical canon. (4/5)


By Michael Levine


Sun Racket is out September 4, 2020. This article originally appeared in the Fall 2020 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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