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Summer’s almost here and we could all use a sweet escape. And while your mileage might be limited, your imagination doesn’t have to be. Allow Hayley and The Crushers to transport you to their candy-laquered, neon world. On the heels of their third full-length album,Vintage Millennial(January 2020, Electric Pop Records) the San Luis Obispo, CA-based surf punks are bringing a few more popsicle flavors to the picnic with their latest E.P. BUST is excited to premiere their video for upbeat summer anthem "Jacaranda," off their two-song EP of the same title.

Like a Sour Patch Kid, Hayley and The Crushers are unapologetically bright and fun with a hint of mischief. Reminiscent of The Go-Go's and Blondie, the EP features the artistry of Hayley Crusher Cain (front woman/guitar), the mysterious Dr. Cain (bass) and Dougie Tangent from Devious Ones (drums). "We spent 100 days on the road criss-crossing the United States in 2019. I wrote this song before embarking on that long tour, when I was feeling my most itchy to get out on the road," Cain said. "The Jacaranda trees were blooming bright purple in my town and it felt like a sign that I could find more satisfaction elsewhere. They were telling me to go and seek out more adventure in my life. As it turns out, wherever you go, there you are."


Jacaranda was recorded at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis and will be available to stream everywhere on June 2, with limited edition 7" vinyl available courtesy of Reta Records in Canada and Surfin Ki Records in Europe. U.S. fans can grab their copy during the band's West Coast/Midwest tour, set for Fall 2020. Listen with an inflatable chair and an umbrella in your drink!

Header photo courtesy of Hayley and The Crushers


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