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Alice Smith has made a career of commanding genres—rock, soul, R&B, and beyond—while remaining authentically herself. She’s the rare performer who sounds best live, when the raw, emotive power of her voice is free to strike without studio tinkering. Luckily her new EP Mystery (a follow-up to her Grammy nominated 2006 debut, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me, and 2013’s She), captures the magic of her evocative sound. Smith enlivens ballads like “Mystery” and “The Meaning” with jolts of penetrating range, making electric contact with the soul of the listener. Album standout “Something” highlights Smith’s idiosyncratic, breaking cadence—a sort of mirror-smashing poetry in motion. "There’s something in the way you do what you do," comes the refrain. The same can certainly be said of Smith. (5/5)


By Camille Collins


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