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(Tru Thoughts)

The Seshen’s CYAN is an idyllic 2020 entry point for the Bay Area group, as it’s both futuristic and nostalgic. Harnessing the power of electronic soundscapes with accents of house and dance-pop vibes, CYAN is a pleasantly diverse experience—from the ambiently rhythmic opener, “Take It All Away,” to the woozy closer, “Wander.” The in-between is a sonic journey; cuts like “4AM” flow beautifully, and the high-energy “Close Your Eyes” makes way for the smooth “1000 Lights.” It’s no wonder why CYAN arrives with a short film, as the Seshen’s third LP is truly a cinematic experience. (4/5)


By Kathy Iandoli

Cyan was released February 28, 2020. This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!



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