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All Or Nothing 
(Fat Cat)    

All Or Nothing, the fourth LP from London threesome Shopping, was written across an intense 10-day period, and the urgency of those power sessions is clear. The album opener, “Trust In Us,” brings a propulsive bass line that sets the momentum for the entire album. All or Nothing is true to Shopping’s notable no-frills post-punk sound, but they have found space within that to experiment. Songs like “For Your Pleasure” and “Initiative” add in tightly wound synths and ditch their signature guitars entirely. In these times where it’s so easy to feel helpless, Shopping asserts a sense of agency, focus, and surprise. (4/5)


By Mary Kinney


All Or Nothing was released February 7, 2020. This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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