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If you close your eyes and turn on Cry All the Time, the new LP by Impulsive Hearts, the surf-rock band’s sound will transport you to a gloomy beach, where you’ll want to dance, reminisce, and of course, cry. But the Chicago-bred band’s music will do more than take you to the water — it will help the Chicago community. We're excited to premiere the music video for "Telephone Girl," one of the band's new tracks.

A portion of the vinyl sales will go to Girls Rock! Chicago, an organization that provides music education to "girls, transgender youth, and gender non-conforming youth" in summer camp workshops. During these workshops, the focus on building community by promoting creativity, self-expression and leadership skills. At the end of the camp, participants have a chance to perform and record the music they made during the program, which you can listen to here.


Impulsive Hearts has played a benefit show for the group in the past, along with benefit shows for Planned Parenthood and OurMusicMyBody, according to the Chicago Tribune. This isn’t the first time the band has donated money made from their music either. The proceeds from their 2019 EP, “metoo: a benefit for Resilience” did exactly what the title says: supported Resilience, a not-for-profit organization in Chicago helping sexual assault victims. 

So if you’re looking to get into some smoky vocals and soft guitar, help the youth of Chicago, and support a socially aware band, buy the vinyl for Cry All the Time and check out the music video for “Telephone Girl” below.


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