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Carnage Bargain
(Suicide Squeeze)     

Self-confident in the chill of their mid-tempo, motorik style, the Paranoyds sound somewhat like a nervy version of the Intelligence or Six Finger Satellite. On “Face First,” the opener of Carnage Bargain—their debut full-length—the L.A. group sneers, “Hair slicked back/Better think fast.” Think fast indeed. The Paranoyds drive a path through a 10-track forest of fuzz and feedback with no stops until the final buzzing chord. Staz Lindes (bass/vocals), Laila Hashemi (keys/vocals), Lexi Funston (guitar, vocals), and drummer David Ruiz elevate classic proto-punk and garage sounds with badass ramshackle girls’ choir melodies, stacking vocals up like bricks, ready to be thrown through the next available window. (5/5)


By Erin Wolf

Carnage Bargain is out September 13, 2019. This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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