JescaHoop STONECHILD 8840c

(Memphis Industries)

Jesca Hoop thrives on the familiar-yet-unfamiliar, and her latest album STONECHILD is her most masterful balance of that tension yet. This collection is full of gentle harmonies and haunting chants; plucky guitars, wailing, and cascading choruses; and lyrics that walk a tightrope from vaguely dystopian to undeniably real. It’s a sophisticated display that plays across both the biggest proclamations (“Free of the Feeling,” “Red White and Black”) and the quietest retreats (“All Time Low,” “Time Capsule”), creating a sort of otherland where the looking-glass mirror is the only mirror, and we’re completely enamored by the reflection. Put this one on rotation immediately. (5/5)


By Mollie Wells

STONECHILD was released July 5, 2019. This piece originally appeared in the July/August 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!



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