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Pip Blom—a band named for its singer/songwriter—is completely unafraid on its full-length debut. Track to track, the post-punky quartet from Amsterdam masters sun-soaked beats sliced by sharp grunge riffs. Blom’s lead vocals are soft yet strong. No, not like a deodorant commercial, but more like a daisy growing through cracks in the sidewalk—green, gritty, and bound to persevere. Lyrically, there’s a lot of romance talk; it’s pensive, but in a liberated way. Boat feels freshly aware and a little vulnerable. It’s a “Get out of my f-ing way, bae, I’m growing here” album that will rev you up, too. (4/5)

By Rachel Reed

Boat is out May 31, 2019. This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!


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