Rapper Chika became a viral sensation last year with her rap criticizing Kanye West’s friendship with Donald Trump. Last night she made her late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host Lena Waithe, who invited her personally. Chika is a rising star in the world of rap. With her unapologetically feminist lyrics and great stage presence, Chika is making waves in the music industry.


Her new rap, which debuted on Kimmel, is titled “Richey v. Alabama”. Criticizing the current attacks on women’s reproductive rights across the Midwest and the South, Chika, who is from Alabama, spoke in an interview before her performance with Waithe:

“I felt like it would make so much sense for me to come on here and speak for people who otherwise feel voiceless. […] I felt like this would be a proper tribute […] to all women in Alabama, all people in Alabama with wombs who are able to carry children and I felt like this is my time to speak for us.”

You can follow Chika on Twitter. Her new single, “No Squares”, is available on Spotify now.



Header Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

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