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No Vision
(Local Fun Boy Records)    

Thank Brooklyn’s Grim Streaker for keeping the glorious thing we call punk alive and lacerating. Fronted by brawler Amelia Bushell, whose vocals call to mind legendary female killers from Karen O to Poly Styrene, No Vision kicks the door in on the first cut, “A.D.D,” waxing at once propulsive and melodic. “Snakes” creates fantastic drama and seduction, and the subtle yet affecting “Cat Call” shows off the band’s appreciation for driving beats laid down beside careening guitars and spasmodic vocals that keep the spirit of late-’70s/early-’80s punk animated, thriving, and ready to fuck with you. If you’re looking for something to offset your playlists of trap and weepy pop, put Grim Streaker on and feel it get at you. (4/5)


By Camille Collins

No Vision is out May 17, 2019. This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!


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