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It’s been an amazing few months for women in music, and if you’re about due for a fresh new track that’s equal parts empowering and catchy, we’ve got a recommendation ready—Emmy Wildwood’s latest single, “Everything Hurts,” which we’re psyched to premiere here on BUST.com.

“‘Everything Hurts’ is about the moment that survival instincts kick in during a crisis,” Wildwood tells BUST. “We’re taught as women to constantly withstand everything in all of our relationships, romantic or otherwise, so things have to be really bad to get the strength to fight for fair treatment and justice. Because we’re taught not to speak out, it’s in those rock bottom situations that we tend to find or remember our power.”


Check it out below:

Also an avid curator, punk band alum, and one-time Converse collaborator, Wildwood has been making solo music since 2013—her track “Scream" was featured on FOX’s Scream Queens soundtrack. Though the alt-pop songstress is based between Tucson and Los Angeles, “Everything Hurts” was recorded in Brooklyn. The song directly follows “Down Down,” another release of Wildwood’s from earlier this year, and both singles will be on her forthcoming 2019 EP, All My Blood.

You can listen to all of Wildwood’s music on Spotify and SoundCloud, and check her out on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


Top photo courtesy of Emmy Wildwood

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