While doing a little early Spring cleaning, i unearthed 3 converse shoeboxes of old mixtapes. Some probably haven't been listened to in over 10 years. Most are covered with various stickers, magazine cut outs, and sparkley nail polish. A lot are from ex boyfriends and bff's, (so bittersweetly nostaligic), one was a homemade demo from my very shortlived surf rock band, The Shortwaves (fact!), and others were random mixes I made for trips and specific bus rides. I do have a cassette tape player, but I don't think I've even plugged it in in over 3 years. And although I've been really trying to weed out the junk and crap that has accumulated in my tiny BK apartment and have no intentions of listening to these artifacts any time soon, I just cannot part with them. Does anyone else still have their tape collection and same emotional attachment?

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