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Loverboy/Dog Days
(Sargent House)


Vocalist/instrumentalist Kristina Esfandiari, of King Woman, makes dark, shoegaze music as Miserable. The follow-up to Miserable’s 2016 full-length, Uncontrollable, this release combines two EPs—a new set of songs titled Loverboy, and a re-mastered reissue of the 2015 cassette Dog Days. “Loverboy,” is heavy and has a profoundly emotional quality in line with what you might expect; the bruised power-pop of “Gasoline” showcases Esfandiari’s powerful, guttural voice. The second half, Dog Days, is lighter and trades distortion for a dreamier pop approach, but pain still seeps across the album’s eight tracks. The result is melodic, intimate, and highly cathartic, like crying it all out in your best friend’s room after your first heartbreak. (4/5)

By Emily Nokes
Loverboy/Dog Days is out October 26, 2018.
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