Q Lazzarus Goodbye Horses
Brooklyn-based record label Mon Amie are reissuing Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus, and we are thrilled to have the exclusive premiere of two long-lost demos ahead of its official release on April 21st.

The curiously elusive nature of the vampy musician is fascinating. The cloak-and-dagger songstress was born in New Jersey. In the 1980s, she fled a violent marriage and moved to New York City, where she became a taxi driver. While she was a taxi driver, her hypnotizing voice was discovered and she recorded the album Goodbye Horses.

Since then, the synth-pop title track has been something of a cult hit, featuring in a host of movies, video games, and even as the soundtrack for the Gucci campaign last spring. However, it's most prominent role was when it tucked itself behind the seedy etiquette of Buffalo Bill in that iconic scene in The Silence of the Lambs. For anyone who gets the reference — #sorrynotsorry.

Mon Amie is re-pressing the classic early '80s single as part of the record reissue this month. The much sought after track is hard to find on vinyl, and the original pressing on Mon Amie (1500 copies) sold out very quickly. 

In Goodbye Horses, Q Lazzarus' husky vocals on "Transformation" have just enough velvet. All six tracks have that dreamy, synthy, dark wave and '80s italo vibe that could stand her alongside New Order, Siouxsie, and Prince himself any day, in any era.

The vinyl release will be out April 21st, just in time for Record Store Day. This pressing includes the original single edit as well as never-before-heard original demos from a time when Q Lazzarus was still a cab driver in New York. Pre order your copy now. Q's whereabouts are currently unknown, but her beguiling legacy remains of great interest, especially to synth-pop fans the world over.

BUST is excited to premiere 'Goodbye Horses (Demo 2)' and 'Transformation' below:

Q Lazzarus
photos via Mon Amie Records 

The full track listing is:

Side A

1. Goodbye Horses (Single Edit) 
2. Goodbye Horses (Demo 1)
3. Goodbye Horses (Demo 2) —

Side B

1. Tears of Fear
2. Transformation
3. Love Dance 

Listen to the original edit here:

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