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She had a hit with her song "Bad Babysitter" in 2002, but now New York rapper and DJ Princess Superstar is all about encouraging parents and kids to explore emotional intelligence. Her new kids' album, These Are The Magic Days, recorded under the alter ego M.o.M., is out today. We're excited to premiere the music video "Momster," animated by Felix Deng. 


These Are The Magic Days is inspired by M.o.M's own experience—she is the mother to a seven-year-old daughter, Siren Ortega, whose vocals are also featured on the album. The themes of the songs will feel very familiar to anyone who's ever been a parent or a kid (so, all of us). Along with the joyful title track, there's “Put Down Your iPad, I’ll Put Down my Phone," inspired by M.o.M. noticing that she and her daughter were both glued to their devices; “Running Away," about a kid's desire to run away when angry; “Feel Your Feelings," about experiencing your feelings rather than suppressing them; and, of course, "Momster," a song about the times when parents get angry—with a reminder that they always love their kids, no matter what. Thanks to a partnership with the non-profit Fractured Atlas, These Are The Magic Days is available for free—so that everyone can easily receive its message of emotional intelligence.

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"I’m so excited to present something I have been working on for years!" M.o.M. tells BUST. "So grateful for everyone who has supported this non-profit passion of mine—to educate kids and parents about emotional intelligence and to create kick-ass music at the same time. These are the magic days indeed!"

These are the Magic Days was produced by Nacey and The Rural and C. Fire da Rambler. For the concept, M.o.M. was inspired by pioneers in the field of children's emotional intelligence, International Scherick and Grace Courageous, Dr. Laura Markham of Aha Parenting—and of course, her daughter.

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For more about These are the Magic Days, visit Listen to the full album below. 

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