Frontperson Frontrunner 46a87

(Oscar St. Records)

Frontperson is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed, but kinda sorta can’t live without now that it’s here. This debut tag-team of Kathryn Calder (the New Pornographers) and Mark Andrew Hamilton (Woodpigeon) sends folk-pop into wild new territories: orchestral swells over 808 beats, pounding rhythms under finger-picked guitars, and some of the most heartbreakingly lovely vocal harmonies this side of Fleetwood Mac. From the sweet bounce of “Long Night” to the ominous stutter of “This City is Mine,” Frontrunner is a front-to-back delight—especially when it leans hard into its ’60s-Baroque inspirations. This is definitely a duo to watch. (4/5)

Frontrunner was release September 21, 2018.


By Mollie Wells
This article originally appeared in the October/November 2018  print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!


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