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Pink Air
(Elysian Music)

On Elysian Fields’ 11-track offering, Pink Air, the cult-rock band (formed by co-composers Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow) maintains its sonic integrity while delivering social commentary. Cuts like opener “Storm Cellar” sound like a simple rock track, yet the lyrics present a metaphorical environmental discussion with lines like, “I don’t need to hear the forecast/but it’s coming for me.” Other songs like “Philistine Jackknife” get political, and you can read between the lines to find out who they’re talking about. This is far from Elysian Fields’ first rodeo; with Pink Air being their 11th album and Charles already conquering off-Broadway, you can hear how seasoned they are. There are definitely more seasons to come. (4/5) - Kathy Iandoli 



On Friday night at Nublu 151 in Manhattan’s East Village, Elysian Fields celebrated their latest album Pink Air with an intimate and powerful show. Pink Air was released September 21, 2018. 

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