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In her newest track, musician, performance artist, and all-around visionary Yoko Ono asks a question that isn’t an unfamiliar one in 2018: where do we go from here?


Ono’s latest song tackles blood, horror, and God, and raises questions about power and humanity. Like much of her music, "Where Do We Go From Here" uses simple, harsh images to create a point about the world we're living in. "If we sweep the bottom of the river, we'll find bodies that shouldn't be there," she chants. "If we sweep the courts and the offices, we'll find heads that shouldn't be there."

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“Positivity is what we create,” Ono told BUST via email. “Your creativity is already connected with your life, it’s just that you don’t see it.”

She added, “Meditation is something you automatically do every day in every minute. From the time you wake up and from the time you’re eating breakfast, you’re meditating. The great gurus did meditate like that. You try yourself to meditate while you’re eating breakfast, then you’ll immediately see the difference from when you’re eating and not thinking.”

The track will be featured on Ono's upcoming LP, Warzone, out October 19 on Chimera Music. As for where we go from here: “The answer is the next song: 'Woman Power,'” Ono said.

Check out the video below:  


Top photo by Matthew Placek

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