If you follow Boss Hog, then you know Brood X is their first album in many years. In perfect rebellion style, the punk-blues fivesome continues to throw everything into their musical blender and turn it on high. The album opens with the raucous “Billy,” which could be your new resistance soundtrack. Songs like “Signal” and “Rodeo Chica” demonstrate the groups’ range, with elements of funk and rockabilly. “Elevator” is a standout with its scary, hell’s sermon chorus. Boss Hog’s sound has matured, but they’re just as defiant as they’ve ever been. Brood X has arrived right on time. (5/5 BUST rating)

By Whitney Dwire


Catch Boss Hog’s music video for “Shh Shh Shh” below. (Look for BUST’s Laurie Henzel as a dead girl!)


Photo credit  – Jeri Lampert

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