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Festival season has begun, and we just can't resist this one. Join The Mayday Collective for their third annual Mayday Festival of Resistance, an incredible celebration of the intersectional feminist movements led by women of color, black women, trans women, and femmes for their ongoing part in the fight against the patriarchy and social injustice. This Saturday, April 28th at Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, you'll enjoy a free concert featuring a full lineup of talented Native, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx activist-musicians. Performers Nitty Scott MC with M.A.K.U* Sound System, Bushwick Jarocho Collective, NECIA, and DJ Sabine Blaizin (Oyasound) will be playing at the top of every hour from 2pm-7pm. These artist-activists promote the Mayday Collective's mission to inspire advocacy and fight injustices that are prevalent in America today through their music, challenging xenophobia, sexism and racism, while paying special attention to women's rights. 

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The Mayday Collective makes up the all the parts that keep Mayday Space going. As dedicated activists, the collective is made up of a diverse group of people with a passion to create a better world and better NYC. They use public presentations,  community-building activities and even free concerts to educate and inspire others in a fun, accessible way .

The family-friendly FREE event will have plenty of food to chow down on between face painting, photo booth sessions, and dancing. You'll be able to meet other activist groups such as The New Sanctuary Coalition, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and #SwipeItForward Campaign and hear updates on their progress and plans for the future. The Mayday Festival of Resistance is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how you can contribute to your community and meet other inspiring activists. 

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If you're still fired up and inspired when 7pm rolls around (how could you not be), there will be an afterparty at Starr Bar, Mayday Space's sister location. Keep the party going and resist! 

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