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Motel Bouquet
(Tone Tree Music)  

Singer-songwriter Caitlin Canty has just released her fourth album, Motel Bouquet, recorded in music city, Nashville, TN. Canty has a mournful, ethereal, haunting, voice that sometimes resembles Norah Jones, Gillian Welch, and Chan Marshall (Cat Power). Her songs posses a feel of tough street smarts meets vulnerability and longing. Musically, the sound is based around Canty's acoustic guitar, and its lo-fi, Americana twang perfectly supports her heartfelt lyrics.

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Tracks like “Take Me For A Ride,” “Leaping Out,” and “Scattershot” brilliantly display that amidst great sorrow and despair, a hopeful outcome is possible. There’s a dreamy, almost psychedelic, quality that accumulates as each track flows into the next. Caitlin Canty is a musician with a vision and the talent that makes her a serious contender for greatness. We're looking forward to seeing what musical journey she takes her listeners on next. 4/5 

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