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London-based punk band Dream Nails has joined forces with Irish-Italian director Guen Murroni to create a spectacularly political video with a not-so-wee bit of mockery. The band’s 2018 single "Vagina Police" won’t only have you jamming out, but will also get you pumped up to continue the fight for you and your friends’ reproductive rights.

Dream Nails wants to not only change the conversation about abortion, but to bring attention to the madness of the anti-abortion lobby ahead of the Irish abortion referendum. “It's absolutely ridiculous,” says the band in an email, “and they have no right getting in the way of a woman's choice to become a mother or not." And oh, how the video’s absolute absurdity makes you want to join their fight (and slightly piss yourself).


But conjuring up political mockery is all but new for this riot grrrl-quartet. You could say "Deep Heat" was the band’s Donald Debut: it's a brilliant tune about hexing Trump’s nether regions. But in addition to their musical messages, the band is known for brewing up some seriously wicked shows, creating powerful zines, and playing fundraisers for charities they’re passionate about. Not to mention that they’ve already headlined Glastonbury's Sisterhood stage and shared a spotlight with killer bands such as Cherry Glazerr and Bleached.

The video's director, Guen Murroni, said in a statement, "This video is dedicated to our sisters in Ireland who have been campaigning tirelessly for decades for the abortion referendum we're finally having in May. It's also for the women of El Salvador, Malta, the Vatican, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua who live with the strictest abortion laws in the world."

Lead singer Janey said, “We've produced a zine on 'reproductive justice' to go alongside the vinyl to make clear that globally, people's bodily autonomy is impacted in ways that extend far beyond abortion. For example, forced sterilisation of trans people, women in prison having to give birth in shackles, and the obstacles lesbian parents face. The struggles we face are different, but they are all connected.”

The video for "Vagina Police" is paired with an assortment of dreamy goods, such as a 7” vinyl and the free zine about reproductive justice. 100% of the proceeds from the song will go towards Abortion Support Network, a UK charity that provides financial assistance and accommodations for women who have to travel outside of Ireland in order to access safe and legal abortions.


So drop what you’re doing and go watch "Vagina Police,"  released by Everything Sucks Music, and definitely spread the spread-leg-love at Dream Nails’s Bandcamp.

Top photo from "Vagina Police"

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