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I was driving home from Las Vegas the first time I heard Kesha’s new single, “Praying.” I felt so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to pull my car over to avoid an accident. In all honesty, I was not the biggest fan of her music prior to Rainbow, her newly released album. Her past songs set the perfect environment for dance clubs and house parties, but I was certain her career would fade into the distance once a new wave of pop stars emerged on the scene. So, when her new song was released over the summer, I was hesitant to give it a chance. I have never been so glad to be proven wrong.


“Praying” is not just a nod towards forgiveness and moving forward in life. Her song tells the importance of discovering beauty within yourself and the strength you never knew you possessed. In the hearts of abuse victims everywhere, this is a song that was written for them. For me. As former victim of domestic violence, my struggle only intensified once the abuse ended. Despite the professional help and support I received from loved ones, the loneliness and emotional pain I felt was unbearable. There was no one who truly understood my anguish. It wasn’t until I driving down the I-15 Freeway and listening to Kesha sing about her pride in herself that I felt heard for the first time. She reminded me that no matter the hell my abuser put me through, he can never take away my strength. My beauty. My core self.

I hope Kesha realizes the incredible impact her music has had on millions of people. Through her own painful experience, she gave strength to so many. She is a shining star who truly deserves every praise.


Top photo: "Praying"

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