Cardi B's Instagram Live About Libya Is 'A MotherF*cking Fact

 cardi b video for bodak yellow

In case you didn’t already know, Cardi B is underrated and freakin’ fantastic. She held back no punches while on Instagram Live Monday night, where she took her newfound fame to discuss an international crisis: as Al Jazeera reported, there seems to be evidence of a literal slave trade happening in Libya. The coverage of what is happening in Libya is sparse and horrific – Al Jazeera reported, “hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern-day slave markets in Libya for as little as $400.” Cardi B, who recently topped Billboard’s 100 List with the banger “Bodak Yellow,” took to Instagram Live to tell us all what the fuck is up.


While wearing a bathrobe and on/off talking to someone offscreen, Cardi B. monologued about the travesty happening in Libya and the United Nations’ obligation to do something — and why they haven’t. She suggested that due to Libya’s rocky political landscape and lack of permanent leadership for almost two years, the UN stands to gain financially from not helping them in any way. She says, “You wanna know why they not making it a priority?...Because it’s convenient for them. It’s convenient for them because they want free resources, they want their free goods and that’s why they don’t give a fuck.” She went on to say, “...you wanna know something? They might kill me for this, but it’s a FACT — it’s a motherfucking fact — what’s going on over there is shameful and disgusting,” which is obviously 100% right and the UN really needs to release a statement responding to these slaying remarks.

As a young, black, brassy and BOSS rapper, Cardi B has a lot to lose to take on social causes right now; it may be hip to be “woke” right now, but the mainstream media still hates an opinionated woman. She’s no dummy, and clearly knows she will inevitably get some kickback for her comments — but she knows her shit, and she’s RIGHT.

She finished her Live video with “as much as we say ‘pray for this, pray for that,’ it’s just like...those people, the United Nations and these countries, they could help. They just don’t fucking want to, because it’s convenient for them.” Drop the mic. Become a UN Ambassador.

Nothing but respect for my president.

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