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Brazilian-Dominican artist Jarina De Marco is a cult goddess with attitude in the lilac-tinged video for her latest song "STFU." This pop-culture paradise is a follow up to her her singles “Release the Hounds,” made in support of the people of Standing Rock’s movement, and “Tigre,” from the Broad City soundtrack.

In the video, directed by Madelyn Deutch and produced by Tiziano Tucci, De Marco presides over the "Church of No Fucks Given" as she liberates her followers and turns prayer into party. The video channels '90s nostalgia with Ring Pops, Lisa Frank, Power Rangers, and Tamagotchis that echo the song's playful, electro-pop sounds.


De Marco sings in four languages and is an outspoken advocate for women's rights all over the world. With this wild, mesmerising video for "STFU," she has created a joyful anthem that will have you considering joining her cult.

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