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 Female rapper and trendsetter Cardi B. has shown us all up once again: “Bodak Yellow” has topped the Billboard Top 100 list, making her the first solo female rapper to do so since 1998, when Lauryn Hill took the top spot with "Doo Wop (That Thing)." Cardi B is only the fifth female rapper to ever make the coveted first spot, and now she’s in good company with Lil' Kim and Lauryn Hill. Taylor Swift may have rushed to the #1 spot earlier with her new single, Reputation, but once we were all done laughing at its basic-ness, everyone got back on the Cardi train real quick.

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To see such a young, successful, and clearly hardworking woman be rewarded with such an exciting milestone is thrilling as a fan, and one can only imagine how excited she must be. Even more so when you consider she’s 24, was a stripper for a while, starred on Love and Hip Hop, and raps bars like “I’m the hottest in the streets/ know you prolly heard of me/ got a bag and fixed my teeth/ hope you hoes know it ain't cheap/ and I pay my mama's bills/ I ain't got no time to chill” – breaking stereotypes all over the place.

Congrats to Cardi B…so when is the next mixtape?




Header Photo and bottom video via Atlantic Records 


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