After a four year hiatus, New York-based electro-pop band the Blow is back with a new album, Brand New Abyss. Today, we're excited to premiere the video for the Blow's latest single, "The Woman You Want Her To Be."


“It’s been a long deep journey and we are very (very) excited to be back in the world of people and to share all these crazy sounds we’ve made. The feeling of the world around us has changed some during the time that we’ve been working, and the wild frequencies we developed while making this record feel like just the right way of responding," the Blow — aka Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne — write on their site.

Staying true to their warped and manipulated pop sound paired with melodic monologues fading in and out, "The Woman You Want Her To Be" is a casual middle finger to romantic perfection. Though Brand New Abyss is only available for pre-order for the September 22 release, "WYWHTB" will be available for purchase September 1. Check out their two other singles, "Greatest Love Of All" and "Get Up" on Spotify.

The duo kicks off their own mini tour of four cities, before teaming up with EMA on the Power of Convergence Tour, starting October 26. For details, check out their site.


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