Miss Eaves gave a first listen of her new album Feminasty through NPR, and it couldn’t be more amazing. She let us have an early listen, but the official release date is August 4th. The Brooklyn-based rapper killed it with tracks like “Fuccboi Salute” where she raps, “Me and my clique, when these pricks coming through/ Yelling 'FUCK YOU' it's the fuccboi salute!” I knew it was going to be good when I first heard “Thunder Thighs” earlier this summer, and she did not disappoint. Every song on the album is gold. Miss Eaves tears apart men who tell her to smile in “Ms. Emoji.” With lyrics like “I'm free I’m doing me/ I’ll smile when I’m truly happy/ No mirror reflecting/ Your idea of sexy” she devastates and I couldn’t be happier.


In her first full-length album, Miss Eaves exemplifies an independent woman. Even when focusing on sex, she makes it clear that men are unnecessary with an “If you want something done right, do it yourself” attitude in “Hump Day.” The music videos she’s released for “Hump Day,” “Thunder Thighs,” and “Fuccboi Salute” feature groups of friends and in creating her videos, Miss Eaves is very aware of representing all body types and races. Miss Eaves did an amazing job with the album and it's definitely worth a listen!


Photo Credit: Becca Loves' Instagram

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