Sharkmuffin celebrate their 5 year anniversary with a new split EP featuring Sharkmuffin and The Off White. Check out their first single, "Where's My Mimosa?"

Sharkmuffin, led by grunge-glam Brooklyn babes, Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch, are consistently turning out new music before you even have time to get the old songs out of your head! From their debut LP Chartreuse, featuring Patty Schemel of Hole, to their most recent album Tsuki, plus countless EPs, Sharkmuffin has been hard at work the past five years. Just coming back from a successful UK tour, Sharkmuffin releases their first single, "Where's My Mimosa?" off their new split EP with New Jersey band, The Off White. The track acknowledges and pokes fun at the uncomfortable advantages and privileges of being a white musician in today's age. 


We spoke with frontwoman Tarra Thiessen and went into details about the nature of the single. "Lyrically, in "Where's my Mimosa?' I poke fun at myself for feeling like a privileged white girl who can afford to occasionally go to brunch and eat avocado toast. In today's society, it seems like many feminist indie rock bands are a group of, or include, cute slim white women who intentionally or unintentionally use their sex appeal to further their careers. It's important to acknowledge white privilege in order to stop reinforcing the standards. Feminism is for ALL women and men alike, and we need to support more diverse images of women and work towards a more inclusive music community. I am very thankful for the life I have, and believe women should be allowed to articulate themselves in any way they want, but I am also self-aware of those who aren't as lucky and hope we can create an open dialogue with our music in discussing issues like these." 


The split EP is different from all other releases by Sharkmuffin, because Tarra gives over the reins of the guitar for three of the tracks to guitarist Chris Nunez. As she focuses on vocal styles and melodies,  he adds a heavier punk element. It is one of the first completely collaborate albums from Sharkmuffin, showcasing the growth and evolvement of each member in the band. Ironically the band is recording again with original OG Sharkmuffin, and now full-time member, Drew Adler. The group is back in town briefly before heading out on their next tour with EP mates The Off White.

The split Sharkmuffin and The Off White EP is to be released Friday, July 21st off Little Dickman Records, but you can get a first taste here!  

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Photos by Thomas Ignatius

The new split EP can be pre-ordered here.

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