While maintaining the air of mystery she’s created for herself, Leikeli47 released a music video to accompany her recently-released song "Miss Me." In the video she keeps her face covered and works in a bodega where all of the products bear her name or face. She first entered our radar when her song “F**k the Summer Up,” which Jay-Z co-signed, was included in his playlist on Tidal and he named the playlist after her song. Leikeli47 has managed to keep her full name, age, and appearance private by always wearing a ski mask or bandana over her face. In an interview with XXL Leikeli47 said, “People see the mask and think I want to stick them up. [Laughs]. The only things I want to do are create and have fun. That’s what the mask represents, it’s genderless, it’s faceless and it’s race-less. This mask represents freedom, you put it on and you escape.” She believes that wearing a mask gives her the freedom to be herself and also do things that she might not do without it, like curse.

In her new song “Miss Me,” she and her friends ride around Brooklyn while Leikeli47 raps her anti-bullshit agenda. She works behind the counter of a bodega as the view flashes between her politely interacting with customers and her friends posing in the store. In the XXL interview, she says people are surprised to find out that she’s nice and that the mask misleads them. Leikeli47 continues to surprise viewers and is definitely someone to watch. She is scheduled to perform at 2017 Afropunk Festival this August in Brooklyn and in September at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.


Photo Credit: Leikeli47 Instagram 


Photo: Cover of "Miss Me" single from Instagram, @leikeli47

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