emily nokes

We couldn't be more excited to announce the latest member of the BUST fam, Emily Nokes who is stepping in to be our new music editor. She's the singer/tamborine queen of Tacocat, the Seattle-based "Easter-egg-hued pop-punk-pop" band, and she was previously the music editor for The Stranger, an alternative newspaper in Seattle. She's smart, she's feminist, has impeccable taste, and she gives no fucks about expressing herself, whether it's through her rainbow locks or her girl-powered music. We're thrilled that she's bringing that energy with her to BUST. 

Follow Emily on Twitter and her band, Tacocat, on Instagram. Watch her slay in the Tacocat video below for "I Hate the Weekend." Read our 2016 interview with Emily about Tacocat's X-Files-inspired album, Lost Time, and recording a new theme song for the reboot of The Powerpuff Girls (out last March on Hulu). Emily advocates, "We need to demand more from everything all the time — for women, for queer folks, for trans folks, for people of color, and for everyone else who lives outside of the standard-issue, mostly-white/mostly-male representation across all platforms of expression." 


 Welcome, sister. 

Photo: Instagram, @tacocatband


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