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Portland natives and married couple Myra and Gabe Gleason have dug deep to create an EP that gets right to the heart of joys and sorrows experienced in everyday life. Some of the songs on Human – developed after two years of experimentation in their RV home – were inspired in part by working with foster care children in Oregon. The duo’s goals were to be emotionally honest for their listening audience and to give a voice to those who are not always listened to and facing difficult times.


Myra, the lead singer of the two-person percussive soul/pop band, belts out soulful lyrics about vulnerability to the beats created by her husband Gabe. All the percussion on the album is provided by Gabe’s skilled beat boxing, mixed and processed in the studio, to add depth to his vocal skill set.

The title track “Human” opens the album on an optimistic note, as it describes the “traumas and victories that tie us together, the experiences that ultimately identify who we are, or who we’re trying to be,” according to Myra. “The One” is an emotional, uplifting ballad that makes you feel empowered to take on anything that comes your way. “Runaways” and “Free,” which highlight the duo’s playful side, make you want to bop your head and tap your toes to the beat. The last track “Who Am I?” – with Gabe singing harmony and also playing the guitar – talks about the insecure feeling we’ve all had at least once in our lives about not having it altogether. All the tunes are catchy in their own ways, and make you appreciate this side of pop music that is not often heard nowadays.

Gabe and Myra originally met at a Portland singing competition and have been performing for the last six years after they did a show together, instantly clicking. Learn more about Stereo RV and check out their upcoming tour schedule on their website.


Photo courtesy of Stereo RV

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