Lorde constantly amazes us with her poetic songs and killer dance moves, but she has reached a whole new level. Lorde has traveled the world on tour, and as you can imagine, she has tried foods from all over the world. Something that must’ve stuck with her was the diversity of the onion rings during her travels, which inspired an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings. No one can be sure this account is really her, but there is a lot of evidence and also we really want it to be her.



Among the few followers of the now-deleted account, @onionringsworldwide is Lorde, along with some of her close friends. The locations of where the pictures are taken match up with where Lorde was on tour at the time. The fingers in one of the pictures match Lorde's style of short and unmanicured nails.




A longtime fan of Lorde’s was the one to bring the account to the attention of a New Zealand based news company, who ran an article including their evidence and pictures of the onion ring posts. The account had 24 followers before it was discovered and later taken down. The whole thing is just weird enough to be true. Maybe this was an outlet for her strong onion ring opinions. Either way, we’re excited about anything Lorde does, whether a series of onion ring reviews or her highly anticipated album Melodrama, which is coming out on June 16th.

Photo Credit: Lorde's Instagram and the Newshub Article

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