Voice of Baceprot is a metal band founded by three Muslim schoolgirls in Indonesia, and these queens are fucking slaying, both onstage and in the battle for social progress. Called VoB, which also means “noisy’ in their native Sundanese (hell yeah), vocalist and guitarist Firdda Kurnia, drummer Eusi Siti Aisyah, and bassist Widi Rahmawati discovered heavy metal while sifting through their school teacher-turned-manager Erza Satia’s music collection. They immediately fell in love with metal's sense of rebellion. 




Their inclination toward defiance has proven to be necessary in fighting against the trolls. Faced with death threats, hate mail, and attempted obstruction by conservative religious leaders, these girls argue that Muslim women have just as much right to shred as anyone else and proudly headbang in hijabs. Firrda Kurnia, 16 years old, told The Guardian, “We can play metal and protect our morals. Of course Islam and metal can match. Why not? . . . I think what we want to say to the young women of Indonesia is, ‘Don’t be afraid of being different. Don’t be afraid to shout your independence.'”


They’ve released four songs, which bravely tackle social issues like religious tolerance, the environment, and education that they hope culminate in an album in the future. What started as three girls practicing every day after school has blossomed into recognition throughout their native Java, an Indonesian island, and stints on national television. 


Here at BUST, we’re rooting for these cool ass chicks challenging stereotypes of gender and religion. Get it, girls.

Rock out to their videos below:



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