Miss Eaves’s “Thunder Thighs” is about to be the realest summer anthem for thick-thighed girls. The opening line, “Chub rub, the day is just heating up,” paves the way for a very honest expression of living with thick thighs in the heat and embracing it. Miss Eaves, along with women of all shapes and ages, dance in outfits that allow them to beat the heat of a New York City summer.

The single was released off Miss Eaves’s upcoming album, Feminasty, which is out August 4th. The video, along with an interview, debuted on Jezebel, where she explains the video, its creation, and the women in it. Miss Eaves, a champion for body positivity and acceptance, also created The Every Body Project, which was made to “combat the body image issues that arise from the media’s narrow portrayal of beauty,” according to their Instagram.

Miss Eaves told Jezebel, “I am not sure if young girls are about that body positive life, but it is so important from a young age they see a variety of bodies being celebrated and people living happy and genuine lives.”



Photo Credit: Miss Eaves's Instagram

Feminasty can be pre-ordered here.

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