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The new music video for song 'Light' shows Georgia-born, Brooklyn-based artist Hite stripping off and dancing in the waves, by herself and for herself. 

Referred to as a 'modern southern gothic lament through baroque pop and Appalachian folk,' 'Light' is part of Hite/Julia Easterlin's debut album Light Of A Strange Day, due for release in March.

According to Easterlin:

The song ‘Light’ bubbled up all at once as a stream of consciousness. I decided to keep all the lyrics and melody exactly as they came out the first time, and I recorded it in one take. When thinking about a video for the song, I knew I wanted something equally raw and organic... so ‘planning’ a shoot felt counterintuitive. I shelved the idea.

Then late last fall, my friend Mahala Gaylord - the video’s director - proposed that she and I take a spontaneous morning trip to Fort Tilden Beach to shoot some footage together just for the hell of it. It was raining, we were both freezing, and the beach was deserted. There was no music playing in the background - I was just improvising movement to silence - and eventually I felt like I should take my clothes off and get in the water. The resulting video is that footage set to the music. Who knows how it will be received; How do people feel about ladies with shaved heads dancing nude for themselves and by themselves on a beach just because??!? Hopefully the answer is “Effing great.” But I’m thrilled as hell to present a video that came about so naturally and matches - from start to finish - the honesty I felt in writing ‘Light.'

Check it out below, and pre-order the album here.

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