Holy Jimmy Junior! The Bob's Burgers Music Album comes out May 12th and it is chock-full of our favorite indie darlings, such as St. Vincent and The National (who appear 3 times!), along with appearances by Aziz Ansari and Paul Rudd.

I bet Tina is writing some erotic fan fiction about the line-up already.


Of course, these stars are just a fraction of the delectable album which will feature 112 songs of varying lengths, many sung by our animated family; the Belchers. 

Oh, and remember when albums had secret tracks? According to Rolling Stone, the album includes songs from the "Bob's Buskers" series at the end, in which several musicians tackled tunes from the show for animated promotional clips. St. Vincent takes on "Bad Girls," the National and Lapsley cover "Bad Things Happen in the Bathroom," and the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt sings "Electric Love" with the Julie Ruin's Kenny Mellman.


Stuck on the Toilet by Bob Belcher

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