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Emily Bell channels Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, in her new album. She evokes rising up and taking names in her new video "Can't Talk Back," directed by Bryan Poyser. The video features all-female tackle football team the Austin Raiders taking over a male football game to show these guys a thing or two about talking back (catch Boyhood actor Bill Wise as the coach) as Emily sings, "I'm the tremor of your earthquake/the sugar in you milkshake."  

Emily was awarded Best New Artist by the Austin Music Awards for her debut album In Technicolor, which she performed at festivals around the country. Now she is back with a vengeance and a mission to be "on a glorious path of destruction," with a riot grrrl primal scream that you can dance along to. Emily is set to rock SXSW this year with her banging new sounds, so be sure to check out her video and get her 5-song EP Kali, which comes out April 21st — right on time to start your spring with "unapologetic female anthems, each with its own message of empowerment." You can also catch Emily at SXSW.


Are those Austin Raiders recruiting? I wanna join! 

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