lily allen fist.jpgLast Tuesday night I went to see Lily Allen at the Bowery Ballroom with Matt and Kim and it was such an awesome show. Except for the people...When miss L.A. got on stage she was super cute (as usual) but when she took a swig from a glass of what could have been water or soda, everyone in the audience was shouting 'Yeah Lily! Way to go!' and other encouraging words for her to 'drink' even though she has apparently quit drinking and drugs entirely. It was pretty appalling that her fans were cheering her on to get drunk and go crazy, without even considering that she might actually have a problem. After the show everyone piled out really fast and I stuck around to for a while. When I finally walked out, there were a ton of paparazzi photographers crowded in front of the building. Lily Allen walked out less than a minute after me and the paparazzi swarmed her like bees to honey. They were yelling 'HOW MANY DRINKS DID YOU HAVE?' 'HOW DRUNK ARE YOU TONIGHT, LILY?' Needless to say, it was incredibly rude and pretty fucked up for someone who is pretty much a recovering alcoholic. Maybe I am just being too sensitive because I am too much in love with her. Although I do totally miss her drunken, drug addled days too...just a 'lil bit.