Beyonce Proves She Can Do Anything, Slays the CMAs

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Beyonce performed at the Country Music Awards Wednesday night and, like everything else she does, it was amazing. Bey teamed up with the Dixie Chicks to perform her country-inspired song "Daddy Lessons" from her revolutionary album Lemonade; and although that seems like a dream come true to a lot of music listeners, not all country fans were thrilled.

When it was announced on Wednesday that Beyonce would be performing for the 50th anniversary of the CMAs, fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Some of them were annoyed at the thought of the crossover and snubbing "real" country artists, but most of them were racist.


Bey tweet 1

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The CMAs aren't exactly hiding or denying the fact that they're whiter than the Oscars, but they do seem to ignore the fact that a lot of popular country music today is — at least somewhat — rooted in black culture.

Bey tweet 3

Personally, I think Beyonce was probably fully aware of the hate she would get from performing at the award show — if not for her race, then for the fact that she's not a full-time country artist. (How quickly people forget that Beyonce can do anything). Which is probably why she joined forces with the Dixie Chicks.

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The all-female country trio hasn't been exactly loving accepted by the country community since they criticized George W. Bush a decade ago. That's right, they were critical of a president ten years ago and people were still mad they were allowed to perform this week. But the Chicks are back after their ten-year hiatus and are currently on a world tour.

So not only was Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks' performance crazy fun, it was performed in front of and in spite of a ton of people who didn't want them there; what more could we ask for?

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You can watch the full performance below, and you can also download the Bey/Chicks version of the song for free, here.

 Screenshots via Youtube and Twitter

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