The New Tarot's song “That Ain't Me” is a dreamy tune that touches on the painful emotions during the initial split of a breakup. We are premiering an exclusive music video from this indie band's self-titled EP which is equally mystical and groovy.

The band is lead by sisters Karen (vocals/keyboard) and Monika Walker (vocals/guitar). They are backed by Chas Langston (drums), Dave Kahn (bass), Beth Callen (guitar) and David Banker (trombone). The group's intricate melodies and passionate lyrics give a fresh approach to relationships, mental health, and what it means to be “liked” on Facebook.


Monika Walker tells BUST:

"'That Ain't Me' was written after a particularly negative and tumultuous relationship of mine, and I still don't like hearing the recording because I know exactly which vocal line I was crying on. As a listener, some of my favorite songs are the ones filled with real experience, and raw emotion, but as an artist, I find when I write that kind of music, and hear it back again it feels uncomfortable; naked, almost gratuitous to me. That's why I always imagined an animated music video for this  song, because I feel it helps preserve the tongue in cheek, self-deprecation that is behind the forlorn love song. Love is great, but Love is kind of stupid, especially when it hurts."



This forlorn song deeply addresses how uncomfortable it can be to break up with someone but eventually how worthwhile it is. The title, “That Ain't Me," was inspired by the very radical concept of refusing to sink with a disastrous relationship.


New Fall Issue d217c

Check out the awesome premiere below:

Video Animation by Lev Polyakov, Song lyrics and melody by Monika Walker, with production by Nate Pyfer

Top photo by Dayane Ohira

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