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NYC-based art-rock band Rich Girls blurs the lines of music genre. Floating between the reverb of dark-garage and sugary doom-pop, their haunting new EP Love Is The Dealer is a beautiful intersection of sound that makes you want to dance around your bedroom one minute, cry the next.

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Singer and guitarist Luisa Black unravels the classic pop love song with haunting vulnerability. As she worked on the album, Black tells BUST: "I've never been comfortable writing love songs but Love Is The Dealer was a turning point. I wrote without constraint or control which made the songs darker and much more raw. Even the pop songs came unhinged. And that became the filter--kicking against pretense. Originally the record was a full-length but I pared it back only to songs that felt really exposed.”


Earlier this month, Rich Girls debuted a new video for one of the album’s singles, "Loaded." Luisa Black self-directed and edited the energetic video, finding stylistic influences in pop dance choreography. “Everything from West Side Story to the Ducky scene in Pretty In Pink. I wanted a combination of minimal and spastic.”


The five-song EP may be small, but Rich Girls knows how to pack a sweet, sweet punch. As the days get colder, we’ll make sure to keep these dreamy melodies close. Love Is The Dealer EP is available for purchase on Bandcamp and make sure to stream these lovely tracks below:

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