Why Beyonce Is The Only Person That Mattered At The VMAs

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To no surprise, Beyonce's surprise VMA performance was quite literally the most amazing thing we have ever seen, hands down. No exaggeration. With a night complete with a rambling Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon dressed as Ryan Lochte, and let's face it, a whole lot of weirdness, Bey was our saving grace. 

She started off by dropping jaws and tugging at our heartstrings when she hit the red carpet with her daughter Blue Ivy, both looking stunning and glam with complementing gowns.


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To give us even more feels, she brought the mothers of four unarmed black men killed in the United States: Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and Eric Garner as guests.

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She crashed Chance the Rapper's interview with Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves, and it was both hilarious and adorable. I can relate to Meredith's and Chance's reactions so, so well. Chance lost his shit (and he's already met Beyonce), and a stunned Graves said, "Well, that just happened," after Yonce said she liked her tattoos. If Beyonce even complimented my tattoos, I think I'd pass out. This will be the second cutest thing you see all day, next to baby Blue Ivy.

And then she hit the stage, where she smashed a camera with a baseball bat and ended the mic drop heard round the world. I couldn't breathe after watching this, I swear. And also didn't get bored for a single moment of the nearly 16-minute performance, which was an epic Lemonade medley that included a human recreation of the feminist symbol. This is a must-see, and is sure to go down in VMA history.

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She also cleaned house with awards. She won Video of the Year for "Formation," Best Female Video for "Hold Up," Best Pop Video for "Formation," and Breakthrough Long-Form Video for "Lemonade."

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Slay, Bey, slay.

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