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For the first time, Kara Walker and Ari Marcopoulos have collaborated to create an upbeat video for Santigold's song "Banshee" that represents Santigold's inner strength and daily struggles. This power squad met at a Gucci fashion show in Milan and after hanging out all night, the three excitedly decided to make a video together. Santi discussed, “Kara snapped a silhouette photo of me in the dark as I stepped into my cab.” The result was an inspiring, catchy video “Banshee” that displayed each of their artistic visions.

The film blended Walker's iconic black paper shadow puppets with Marcopoulo's raw street footage of the artist. The puppets were a representation of Santigold's fantasy images of fame. While the black and white footage of the artist struggling show us some of the harsher realities of what it can take to become famous. “Banshee” is an upbeat video with lyrics that work through issues that dampen our success such as criticism and self-doubt. The video inspires one to find the inner strength to confidently go after your passions.


The badass trio talked about how fun and low pressure the shoot was. For Walker especially, who's shadow puppets are usually of herself, centered on dark themes said in the New York Times, “It’s been a few years now, but the last video I made shows one puppet being tortured and set on fire — so this video is a bit more cheerful.”

Check out the awesome video below:


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