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Against Me! led by Laura Jane Grace, defeats a Darth Vader-like character with lightsaber guitars (you heard that right) in this hilarious low-budget video. 

The band dons comical face paint, looking like a punk rock KISS, while jumping and dancing around the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. 


The room is decorated in a plethora of Christmas lights in an otherwise dark room, creating a DIY outer space-like vibe. 

"This was one of the most difficult videos we've ever made because it was filmed in outer space," drummer Atom Willard joked in a statement according to Rolling Stone. "The time it took to get there alone was enough to make some bands back down from the challenge, but we really believed it was the only way to fully realize our vision."

The jokester punks looked like they were having an absolute blast as they defeated the evil villain with their lightsaber instruments, all while rocking out.

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Check it out below.

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