Kid Sister has been around for a while, but this is her first solo album, and it's nothin' but gold.


It’s crazy that Kid Sister just dropped her debut—she’s long been the darling of Chicago’s Fool’s Gold crew (that includes longtime supporter/collaborator Kanye West and her boo/producer A-Trak) and with her laid-back charm, she’s already gained media attention and MTV spots. Well, its finally time to see what Kid Sister is truly made of, and with Dream Date, it’s clear she’s nothin’ but gold. The bright opener, “Life on TV,” is a self-conscious romp about inevitable stardom, with sage rhymes like “Don’t tap your weave/Don’t forget to breathe,” over glossy ’80s beats. “Family Reunion” sounds exactly like a sweltering barbecue in Chicago’s Southside while showcasing her signature bounce and sass; tracks like “Beeper” and “Switch Board” bring back early-’90s “juke” with popcorn beats and deep bass. The album is also peppered with skits that will crack you up, including a Dating Game parody where she drops the most hilarious pickup line I’ve ever heard. Kid Sister is all grown up and has crafted the house-party album of winter ’09.

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