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Tameca Jones, a soul-pop songstress, hailing from Austin, TX, has a voice that will make your heart melt. She has been creating music and performing covers across Texas for years, but now, we can thank our lucky stars because Jones released an EP, titled Naked, chock-full beautiful, mesmerizing hits. One of these moving, soul-searing songs is "Sandman." 

Jones talks about "Sandman" saying, "[it] is about not being able to get to sleep because I was tormented with sadness over a breakup. A lot of people don't understand the chorus lyrics. They think I'm saying 'drowning inside,' which is cool. It is really 'I'm drowning in sand,' which indicates the Sandman keeps throwing sand but I'm unaffected by it. This was by far my hardest song to finish because it was hard for me to get the right vibe."


Well, the dedication was worth it, because the vibe is unstoppable in this song. Check it out below:


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