ClairyBrowne Pool 5x5 RGB 1Clairy Browne provides us with a whole new pop sound, on her latest solo album Pool, exclusively premiering on! The Australian born singer/songwriter’s mix of R&B and pop music feels like she's calling summer to ask if it wants to hang out. This album is a departure from her last release, Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes which had a much more retro vibe.

Here, Browne was influenced by artists like Grace Jones, Tina Turner, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. On Pool, she channels the lineage of strong women and gives us a throwback to pop’s past. 

Browne told BUST, “I made this album with the intention of finding new ways to express myself through my music. I set out to write and record without any rules and to allow myself to freely explore, expand and evolve without being pigeon holed into any one musical style or being held back by expectations of what my music should sound like.”

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For the album, Browne collaborated with executive producer and songwriter Amanda Warner a.k.a. MDNR, Jesse Shatkin, Jimmy Harry, Rob Kleiner, and Peter Wade. 

“Working with MNDR on Pool was such an energizing and motivating experience. I feel so deeply happy with what we achieved. The album feels truly, authentically me. It's a rebirth of my musical journey," she said.

On the 11-track album, you'll find pop culture references, skillful rhymes and big soulful ballads galore, which pair especially well with Claire’s incredible voice and all-around talent as a singer/songwriter. 

Pool will be released on April 15th on Vanguard Records, and will be available on iTunes and Amazon. Check out Clairy Browne's website to learn more and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Photo credit: Harold David

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